Cash Management

MoneyManager Account – Automated Sweep Investment*

Reduce idle account balances and maximize interest income on excess funds. MoneyManager account balances are linked to your Business Checking Account and are completely liquid and available for use. Balances are collateralized by US Government Securities. Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.

Line of Credit Sweep*

A unique Cash Management Service for pre-approved corporate clients that is designed to minimize outstanding debt while providing liquidity. An approved Line of Credit is linked to your business checking account. Each night after checks are posted and the available cash position is calculated within the Business Checking Account funds are either automatically advanced from the Line of Credit to cover presentments or available funds are transferred to pay down the loan.

Dual Sweep*

Combines the investment services of Money Manager and Line of Credit Sweep to completely automate daily funds management for your business.

ACH Services

United Bank offers ACH Services to our customers. Using BusinessManager online banking, customers can originate direct deposit, pay vendors or make tax payments. Customers with proper approvals may originate debits to collect payments.

Positive Pay

Protect your business against check fraud! Using BusinessManager Online Banking an issue file is uploaded to the bank. As checks are presented we match them against your issue file. Each morning we present any discrepancies to you for your review and payment decision. Learn more about this valuable fraud prevention service from the United Bank Business Services Representative in your region.

Zero Balance Accounts

Save time and gain control of the cash balances of your business, including multiple disbursement accounts.

Lockbox Service

Wholesale and retail lockbox processing. United Bank understands that processing instructions and needs are not the same for all businesses. We will work with you to customize the processing of your receivables.

CD-ROM Image Statement

Create a powerful database of statement and check images for easy storage, research and retrieval of paid-check information. Ideal for businesses that issue a large volume of checks.

Merchant Services

Let a United Bank Business Services Representative help you find a secure, efficient and competitively priced solution for your MasterCard®/Visa® processing needs.

Employee Retirement Plans

We can establish and administer a retirement plan to suit the needs of most businesses. The Simplified Employee Pension Plan, or SEP, is a flexible retirement savings plan that allows employers to provide retirement funds for themselves and their employees. Our Retirement Plan Specialist can assist you with setting up and maintaining a SEP for your company or an IRA just for you.

*Our sweep options may include the use of a repurchase agreement. Under such agreement, the interest bearing account will not be FDIC insured, is not a deposit or other obligation of, or guaranteed by United Bank and shall be subject to possible loss of principal invested.