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UB Fraud Alerts

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It’s Your Choice: Notification through Our Mobile App, Text Message, Email or Telephone

A safe and secure banking experience at United Bank

Peace of mind is the most valuable part of a balanced financial life. At United Bank, we strive to provide that comfort and sense of security by making sure your banking experience with us is safe and secure.

How do we do it? If there is a transaction on your United Bank debit card that our Fraud Alert Center identifies as risky or abnormal, you’ll be alerted in close to real time wherever you are so you can confirm whether the transaction was legitimate or not.

And it’s completely up to you how you want these important alerts from the United Bank Fraud Alert Center: Mobile App (Apple or Android), SMS text message, outbound and inbound phone verification or email notification.

Tell Us Your Preferred Method of Communication

  • To sign up for the United Bank Mobile Alert App ("UBAlerts"), go to iTunes (Apple iPhone) or Google Play (Android) to download our mobile alert app "UBAlerts" that allows you to "Accept" or "Reject" card activity based on whether you executed the transaction or not. (Please note: United Bank’s alert app "UBAlerts" is a different application from the "United Bank - Mobile Banking" app where you conduct your banking activity.)
  • You will be automatically enrolled in email and telephone alerts as well but we must have your current email address, primary phone number and mobile phone number to ensure that we can reach you promptly. Please take the time to verify your information with us by calling our Customer Care Center at 1-866-959-2265 or visiting your local United Bank branch.

To enroll and manage your customizable alerts, please enter your Debit Card number and follow the prompts.

Below is an iFrame, which enables you to enroll in United Bank Fraud Alerts by entering in your debit card number. To enroll in Fraud Alerts, please contact the Customer Care Center at 1-866-959-2265.

Here’s How You’re Alerted

If your debit card is used for a transaction that appears to be fraudulent or out-of-the-ordinary, the United Bank Fraud Alert Center will flag it and then we will contact you through our mobile alert app, text message notification, email or telephone. Mobile alerts via our app, text messaging and emails will be sent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Telephone contact will be made between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm (ET), 7 days a week. (If the questionable transaction falls outside that timeframe, we will notify you the next business day.)

Confirm Authorized or Unauthorized Transaction

Once you receive the text alert, email or telephone call from the Fraud Center, you will be asked to confirm that the transaction is authorized or unauthorized. If you respond that a transaction is unauthorized and should be labeled fraudulent, your debit card will be immediately blocked to prevent any further fraudulent activity from taking place on that card. In certain situations, we may block further use of your debit card until we receive confirmation from you that the transaction in question is legitimate.

To learn more about the United Bank Fraud Alert Center and our alert notification system, please take a minute to read our FAQs.


With Pause-It, our new debit card security feature, you can use your mobile device to temporarily deactivate your United Bank debit card when you suspect fraudulent activity or if you simply misplace your card. Don’t cancel it...just Pause-It. When you are ready, you can simply activate it the same way and continue using your card.

Pause-It is a free service available within our mobile application. To use Pause-It, download the United Bank mobile app and click on Manage Cards.

*To receive Purchase alerts or Fraud alerts through SMS or Mobile Notification, please ensure you have a Mobile Phone # that is SMS Capable, updated in our records. Message and data rates may apply.

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