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Additional Protection for Your Online Accounts

United Bank has partnered with Trusteer which provides an extra layer of protection to your internet connection.

Malware and phishing allow cyber criminals to access your computer, account numbers, and personal information. It can take days or weeks for antivirus solutions to detect it, but by then, it’s too late. At United Bank, we have implemented state-of-the-art systems designed to secure your personal and account information through Online Banking.

Financial malware is constantly evolving to continuously evade antivirus solutions. In fact, antivirus software detects only about 25% of the most popular malware currently being emailed to people. Trusteer Rapport stops all financial malware to protect you and your account from any fraudulent activity. As criminals become more sophisticated, United Bank strongly recommends additional layers of protection on your computer to enable safe online banking.

That’s why United Bank has partnered with Trusteer, the makers of Rapport, a dedicated online banking software system which is designed to add an extra layer of protection by protecting your internet connection and creating a tunnel for safe communication.

Trusteer Rapport takes just minutes to download and install. It runs in the background so your computer tasks continue completely uninterrupted. Once installed, a small Trusteer Rapport icon will appear next to your browser’s address bar, changing color to let you know when it’s working.

Trusteer is free for all United Bank customers.

Trusteer Rapport is compatible with most operating systems and browsers. Please click your operating system below to download.

Available for Windows Available for Mac OS X Mountain Lion and up

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