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This quick guide is a great place to find the answers you want.

What is United Bank’s routing number?

Our bank routing number is 211170318. This is also United Bank's ABA number.

What is the telephone number for Telephone Banking System? 

Our 24/7 automated Telephone Banking System can be reached at 413-787-1234 or 866-320-8780.

What are your CD rates?

Please contact our Call Center at 866-959-BANK(2265) or any branch location to receive a quote of the current Annual Percentage Yield and/or if we have specials available.

I can’t get into my Online Banking, can you help me?

If you are locked out of your account or you need to reset your password, please contact us at 866-959-BANK(2265). You can also use our self reset feature once you answer the security questions set-up under "Options" in Online Banking.

What is pre-authorization?

A "pre-auth" is a debit card transaction that you have authorized and has cleared your account. A "memo-hold: is a debit card transaction that has been initiated and is pending on your account. The "memo-hold": hold funds on your account (usually 24-48 hours) and is then released. Many times, the "memo-hold" will become a "pre-auth."

Why do you ask such personal questions when I call to get account information over the telephone?

In order to further assist you with your account, we must be able to verify your identity. By verifying information that only you should know, we can be sure we are speaking to the owner of the account in question.

How do I make a stop payment?

If you’re already signed up with an Online Banking ID and password, log in and you can get started right now. Click on your account you want to make a stop payment from. Then, you will see the stop payments tab above. A stop payment fee of $30.00 will be assessed to this account for each stop payment requested. Your Stop Payment request is effective for six months. This stop payment will be in effect on the next business day after the day it is placed. If payment has already technically occurred, this order shall be ineffective. The stop payment order can only be placed on checks.To stop payment on any pre-authorized or electronic (ACH) debits, please call us at 866-959-BANK(2265).