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Mobile Check Deposit FAQ

Bank anytime, anywhere. Now's that's your life in balance.

Everything you need to know about mobile deposit.
You'll soon discover that Mobile Check Deposit provides a lot of balance in your life by making tasks a lot simpler. If you have questions about how to get the most out of this service, check here for the answers.

Frequently Asked Questions for Customers

What is Mobile Check Deposit?
Mobile Check Deposit is a service available to United Bank customers with an eligible account through our iPhone and Android mobile banking apps. Mobile Check Deposit enables you to conveniently deposit checks directly into your United Bank savings, personal checking or business checking account(s) without going into a branch by simply taking a picture of a check using your smartphone.

What mobile devices are supported?
Mobile Check Deposit is available for United Bank personal banking customers and business banking customers who are iPhone or Android users.

Which checks and savings accounts can I use to make Mobile Check Deposits?

How much does it cost to use Mobile Check Deposit?*
Depending on the type of checking or savings account you have, you may not be charged for using this service. However, some accounts may be charged a $.50 fee per Mobile Check Deposit. Also, Essential Business Checking and Benefit Business Checking customers will be charged a $.50 fee per Mobile Check Deposit only after they use up the free transactions they have per month with their account type, 250 items and 500 items respectively.

Who is eligible for Mobile Check Deposit?
United Bank personal and business banking customers who are enrolled in United Online Banking and Mobile Banking, maintain an eligible personal or business checking or savings account, have downloaded the iPhone or Android mobile banking app and have accepted United Bank’s Online Banking Agreement are eligible. Enrollment is not guaranteed and the level of deposit activity can be limited as some restrictions may apply.

How can I get started using Mobile Check Deposit?
If you already have downloaded the United Bank app to your iPhone or Android, Mobile Check Deposit is available to you right now. If you are a new customer and have not yet downloaded the United Bank app, download it at your convenience and accept the terms and conditions and you will be able to enjoy all the conveniences of banking through our app. Existing online and mobile banking customers will be asked to reaccept the terms and conditions. After enrolling in this new service, you will see a “Deposits” icon in mobile banking in the days following enrollment that give you access to start using Mobile Check Deposit.

If I just signed up for Online Banking so I can use Mobile Check Deposit, how long will it take for new online customers to be able to use Mobile Check Deposit?
It could take up to 10-14 days after you enroll in Online Banking.

What are the terms and conditions for using Mobile Check Deposit?
To read the terms and conditions regarding United Bank’s Mobile Check Deposit service, please click on the “Online Banking Agreement” (section 8 on Mobile Check Deposit) located on this webpage.

Can I ever be restricted from using Mobile Check Deposit?
Yes. You can lose the privilege of using Mobile Check Deposit if you have more than one item deposited that is returned unpaid in any 90-day period. If we choose to terminate your access to the service on one occasion, it does not preclude us from later exercising our right to terminate on any future occasion.

Are electronic copies of checks legal?
Yes. A federal law called “Check 21” took effect on October 28, 2004, and gives banks and other organizations the ability to create electronic image copies of consumers' checks.

When can I use Mobile Check Deposit?
You can make mobile deposits of your checks when it’s most convenient for you: 24 hours a day, seven days a week and on holidays.

What is the best way to ensure that the check image passes the image quality check?

  • Taking high-quality photos of your check is the best way to ensure that your check uploads successfully.
  • Make sure there is good lighting where you take the photo of your check and make sure your camera lens is clean.
  • Place the check on a dark surface.
  • Make sure the check is clearly visible – no other objects or shadows interfere and all 4 corners of the check are evident.
  • Be sure your camera has a chance to focus on the image, being too close can make the check image blurry.
  • The signature on the check must not go into the encoded numbers on the bottom of the check.
  • You will receive a message if the check image is not acceptable to be electronically deposited.

Where do I go to make my deposit with my phone?
There is an icon labeled “Deposit” for Mobile Check Deposit within our mobile banking app.

Is there a daily or monthly maximum dollar amount if I use Mobile Check Deposit?
If you are a new customer at United Bank (less than 180 days), you can deposit up to $4,000 per day and $20,000 per month. If you have been a customer longer than 180 days, you can deposit up to $10,000 daily and $40,000 monthly. Both daily and monthly maximum deposits are in the aggregate.

When will I see the deposit into my account?
After you complete your deposit, you can select “Deposits” again and “Review Deposits” to see the details of any pending deposits. Deposits will generally be available and show within your transaction history the next business day.

If you submit a deposit on a business day before 6:00 pm Eastern Time, the deposit will be credited to your account and generally made available the next business day. Deposits made after 6:00 pm Eastern Time will be credited to your account the next business day and generally made available on the second business day. For example, if you make a deposit before 6:00 pm Eastern Time on Monday, funds are generally available on Tuesday. If you make a deposit after 6:00 pm Eastern Time on a Friday, funds are generally available on the following Tuesday. Every day is a “business day” except Saturdays, Sundays and federal holidays.

How are deposits made on the weekend handled?
Deposits made on Saturday, Sunday and Federal holidays are processed as if made on the next business day (i.e., Monday) following the weekend or holiday. Saturdays, Sundays and Federal holidays are not considered business days for processing purposes, even if the bank may be open on those days.

Are there any restrictions on what kind of checks I can deposit using Mobile Check Deposit?
Checks allowed to be deposited using Mobile Check Deposit are personal checks and business checks or cashier’s checks. Checks not currently accepted via Mobile Check Deposit include:

  • Government/Treasury checks
  • Checks from foreign banks
  • Traveler’s checks
  • U.S. savings bonds
  • Remotely created checks (whether in paper form or electronically created)
  • U.S. postal money orders


Should I endorse my check if I use Mobile Check Deposit?
Yes. In order for your deposit to be accepted, you will need to properly endorse the back of your check as you would normally do when making a deposit. To properly endorse your check, you must sign your name on the back of the check. Also, we ask that you write “Mobile Deposit” in the MEMO line on the front side of the check.

Is electronically depositing a check safe and secure?
Yes, the online transmission of checks via Mobile Check Deposit is secured through a secure SSL encrypted browser session. You should always protect your login and password for Mobile Banking as you would your login information for any other online banking services. We also recommend that you utilize the security features provided on your mobile device, such as creating a password protected lock.

What should I do if I lose my mobile device?
Although you may save your User ID on your mobile device, we never save or store your password. If your mobile device is lost or stolen, you should log into your Online Banking account on your computer and immediately change your password. We also recommend that you utilize the security features in your mobile device, such as turning on the Auto-Lock and Passcode Lock functions.

How will I know when my deposit is complete?
You will immediately receive a confirmation message on your phone when a deposit(s) has been successfully transmitted for processing or when your deposit(s) has been rejected. If your deposit is rejected, we recommend that you take another picture of the check to ensure the image is clear. Confirmation or rejection messages will come through from the following email address:

I just tried to make a deposit using Mobile Check Deposit, but I didn’t receive confirmation that it was accepted or rejected?
Check your “Spam” or “Junk Email” folder. Since your email provider may not recognize the email sender, for security reasons it could be routed to your Spam or Junk Email folder. If that’s what is happening, we recommend that you contact your email provider to find out how to add as an acceptable email address so you can receive the confirmation/rejection directly from us in your Inbox.

Why did I receive a message that my deposit(s) was rejected?
Your deposit may be rejected due to the image of the check being blurry, the information entered does not match the information on the check or you did not properly endorse the back of the check. If that occurs, please try taking another picture of the check and resubmitting. Also, you may have reached the maximum daily or monthly deposits limits you can make.

What do I do with the checks once I have deposited them electronically?
You should mark them as being electronically deposited (to prevent mistakenly depositing the check again) and store them securely for 14 days. After that, the check should be shredded and disposed of properly to prevent identity theft or misuse.

I forgot my password, can I have it reset?
Yes, and don’t worry. You can call the Contact Center at 866-959-BANK (2265) and they can reset this for you. Or, if you have supplied an e-mail address, the password auto-recover feature to reset your password is available to you.

Who should I call if I have questions or need assistance when it comes to Mobile Check Deposit?
Always feel free to call our Contact Center at 866-959-BANK (2265) or visit any one of our 52 conveniently-located United Bank branches. Providing exceptional customer service is our top priority.

*Message and data rates may apply.

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