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Personal Loans

Pay down debt or pursue a dream
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Extra cash for life’s twists and turns

Life can throw you a curveball with credit card debt or medical bills, but it can also offer uplifting opportunities, like remodeling an old house or planning a child’s wedding. Our low-cost personal loans can help you weather a crisis or seize a happy moment.

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Personal Loan Overview

United Bank offers unsecured personal loans that don’t require customers to put up homes, cars or other property as collateral. Customers in Connecticut and Massachusetts can get a quick cash infusion of $2,500 to $15,000 from an institution that they trust. Here are some of the other benefits:

Easy Application

Often, we can evaluate your application and provide an approval in as little as one day.

Lower Interest

When consumers need to make big payments on short notice, they often turn to credit cards, but cards often carry interest rates of 20 percent or more. United Bank offers personal loans at a much lower rate, meaning you won’t spend as much hard-earned money on financing charges.

Fixed Rates

There’s enough uncertainty in your life without worrying about whether your loan rate will rocket up if the economy heads south. Our unsecured personal loans come with fixed rates, making it easier for you to budget the monthly payments.

Easy Debt Consolidation

Though personal loans are often used for home improvements, car repairs or honeymoons, one of the most popular uses is to consolidate other debt. Think of the personal loan as a type of low-cost, low-interest-rate debt refinancing. The result: Lower monthly bills.

Low-Stress Repayment

We understand that life can get pretty expensive and that nearly everyone has a bushelful of of monthly bills to pay. That's why we offer personal loan terms with flexible repayment options, and up to five years to repay us.