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Secured Loan

Leverage your assets to improve your life
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A personalized loan option to fit your needs

You’ve worked hard to build up your savings account balance. Now you can turn your efforts into money to pay unexpected bills or buy something special. By offering up collateral, you may be able to borrow at a lower interest rate and even rebuild your credit score.

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Secured Loan Overview

United Bank branches in Massachusetts and Connecticut offer secured personal loans secured by Certificate of Deposit.

Simple Application

We can often provide an approval to your secured loan application in as little as one day.

Reduced Interest

Because you are putting up something of value as collateral, secured loans often cost less to finance than do unsecured loans. And it’s far more cost-effective to cover unexpected expenses with a personal loan than with a credit card that carries a hefty interest rate.

Rebuild Credit

Sometimes life throws you a financial curveball, and your credit rating pays the price. Secured loans are a good way for consumers with imperfect credit histories to borrow money. And repaying the loan on time will help rebuild your credit score and speed up your return to fiscal health.

Preserve Savings

One of the hardest things to do in this expensive world is to save money for a rainy day. By turning to a low-cost secured loan in times of need, you can keep earning interest in your Certificate of Deposit.

Fixed Rates

Stock market volatility and the fluctuations in overall interest rates can make anyone anxious. Our secured loans come with fixed rates, making it easier for you to budget the monthly payments. For more information on current deposit rate products, please refer to our deposit rates at