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Risk Management

Protect your business against check fraud.
Financial fraud can cripple a business, so safeguard your accounts with United Bank's Risk Management services. Payments are vetted before being posted against your account, and you'll receive alerts about any suspicious activity.

Positive Pay

Check Positive Pay is offered to protect against check fraud by uploading check issued files to the bank. Upon presentment, checks are matched against the issue file with discrepancies reported to the customer for review and payment decision.

Reverse Positive Pay

Customers issuing less than 50 checks per month should consider Reverse Positive Pay for fraud protection. They determine what checks should be paid or returned against their account each day by utilizing the tools that United Bank offers via commercial Online Cash Management services.

ACH Positive Pay

ACH Positive Pay allows the customer to review ACH transactions posting to their account. An alert is generated notifying them of debits being presented, enabling them to return or pay immediately.

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