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Additional Cash Management Services

Extend your cash management capabilities.
If your business requires additional cash management services, United Bank provides the solutions. Our business banking experts can help you set up the accounts that address your unique needs.

Zero Balance Accounts

Zero Balance Accounts(ZBA) are commercial checking account(s) that are linked to a main commercial checking account. On a daily basis, funds are transferred to and from the main commercial checking account to the ZBA(s) to maintain a zero balance. For example, a ZBA can be used to eliminate the need to transfer funds from the main commercial checking to a payroll account for weekly funding. Instead, funds are automatically transferred from the main commercial checking to the payroll ZBA automatically as items are presented for payment.

Loan Sweep Accounts

A loan sweep account arrangement links the commercial checking to the line of credit(LOC) to automatically transfer advances or paydowns on the LOC. A pre-determined target balance is maintained in the commercial checking account. Loan sweeps are for customers that frequently access their LOC. Loan sweeps require credit approval.

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