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Is it fraudulent? Ask yourself these 3 questions!

Is it fraudulent? Ask yourself these 3 questions!

Every day, we hear about a new version of fraudulent “Alert” emails that prompt unsuspecting recipients to “open and act.” If they do, it signals the start of big trouble ahead.

There will always be new and creative fraudulent emails created. You may hear about some of them beforehand; others may land in your inbox and catch you unaware.

How can you be sure if the email in your inbox is real, or if it’s a hoax designed to invade your privacy and your pocketbook?.

Here are three questions you should ask yourself if you receive an email “Alert”:

  • Would the sender actually have my email address?
  • Is this alert relevant to any business I typically conduct?
  • Can I verify what the email is alerting me to through some other means?

Better safe than sorry!