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Important Notice Regarding Trusteer

Important Notice Regarding Trusteer

Dear Valued Customer,

This notification is to inform you that IBM Trusteer has become aware of a phishing e-mail campaign targeting IBM Trusteer. The campaign started on May 9, 2014.

The fraudulent e-mails appear to come from Trusteer with the sender’s e-mail address masquerading as, an e-mail account that is no longer in use.

These e-mails are part of a spear phishing campaign that uses IBM Trusteer’s brand to distribute a malicious executable file.

The emails are addressed directly to recipients containing their full name and e-mail address. The content of the message requests that recipients run the attached file in order to upgrade their IBM Trusteer Rapport software version.

Please note that IBM Trusteer will not distribute Rapport updates as email attachments.

In response, IBM Trusteer has already begun rolling out an update that will protect users from accidentally opening the malicious file. Further recommendations from IBM Trusteer are as follows:

  1. Users who received this email are requested to delete it immediately.
  2. Users who may have already launched the attached file are instructed to refrain from online banking, and contact IBM Trusteer Support.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Trusteer Enterprise Technical Support 
Trusteer, an IBM Company