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Fraudulent Visa® Calls on the Rise

Fraudulent Visa® Calls on the Rise

In recent weeks, some of our customers have been calling with information on a Visa phone scam.

These calls are generally automated, the recording claiming to be from Visa. The recording will claim that your Visa card (or card number) has been compromised. It will then prompt you to enter your card number and/or pin number. Do not share or key-in ANY information.

These calls are not from Visa or United Bank; these calls are fraudulent and made in the attempt to collect information from you.

If you have received this kind of a call and have unknowingly given out your card number or pin number, we recommend that you immediately contact United Bank using the number on the back of your card and request a new card.

If you got the call without giving away any information, there is no need for concern.

If you have any concerns about your financial security, or have any questions please call United Bank at 866-959-BANK.