Meet Our Team

United Financial Bancorp, Inc.'s Executive Management Team

  • William H. W. Crawford IV
    CEO, United Bank and United Financial Bancorp, Inc.
  • Marino J. Santarelli
    Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
  • Eric R. Newell
    Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mark A. Kucia
    Executive Vice President, Chief Credit Officer
  • Dena M. Hall
    Western Massachusetts Regional President, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Craig W. Hurty
    Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Brandon C. Lorey
    Executive Vice President, Head of Consumer Strategy
  • David C. Paulson
    Executive Vice President, Head of Wholesale Banking
  • Marliese L. Shaw
    Executive Vice President, Corporate Secretary/Investor Relations
  • Elizabeth Wynnick
    Executive Vice President, Chief Risk Officer
  • Marisol Anderson
    Senior Vice President, Project Management Office
  • Donna Patel
    Senior Vice President, Virtual Banking
  • Jack Plants
    Senior Vice President, Director of Treasury
  • Adam Jeamel
    Eastern Connecticut Regional President

United Financial Bancorp, Inc.'s 9 - member Board of Directors

  • William H. W. Crawford IV, CEO, United Bank and United Financial Bancorp, Inc.
  • Robert A. Stewart, Jr.,  Chairman
  • Raymond H. Lefurge, Jr., Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Paula A. Aiello
  • Michael A. Bars
  • Michael F. Crowley
  • Kristen A. Johnson
  • Carol A. Leary
  • Kevin A. Ross
In addition to the 9 members of the Holding Company’s Board of Directors, the following six individuals will serve on United Bank’s Board of Directors
  • C. Perry Chilberg
  • Carol Moore Cutting
  • David A. Engelson
  • David J. O’Connor
  • Rosemarie Novello Papa
  • Richard M. Tkacz

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