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United Bank Foundation Connecticut

Here's how to request grant funds for activities in Connecticut.
The Foundation was created in 1998 by Rockville Bank. We are dedicated to supporting community activities and the promotion of charitable causes in the Connecticut communities served by United Bank.

The Foundation changed its name in 2014 to the United Bank Foundation Connecticut following strategic merger of Rockville Bank and United Bank. 
The United Bank Foundation Connecticut and the United Bank Foundation Massachusetts are committed to improving the quality of life for individuals and families in the communities served by United Bank. Special consideration is given to organizations and programs which promote and support community development and benefit disadvantaged or low to moderate income individuals and families in the areas of:

Affordable Housing: Programs that provide access to housing for families and individuals by providing credit counseling/credit repair or financial literacy education.
Community Service: Investments in health care, education, job training, work-force development, childcare, credit services or financial services.
Economic Development: Programs that support or benefit small businesses, small farms and job creation efforts.
Neighborhood Revitalization or stabilization: Programs which attract or retain business or individuals to low to moderate income geographies distressed or underserved areas (as designated by the federal, state, local or tribal governments) or disaster areas.
Additional areas of interest that are important to us:
Education--Initiatives at the primary, secondary and post-secondary levels that raise the aspirations of students in the Community, support early literacy as well as initiatives that support the education process. 
Health and Human Services--Programs that are essential to the underlying medical care of the Community. Initiatives that focus on physical and mental wellness and provide access to the services needed for economic self-sufficiency.

Youth Programs-- Programs that assist in improving the quality of life for children in the Community or programs that foster education, learning and leadership as well as build early literacy skills.
Cultural Programs-- Programs that assist in enriching the quality of life for residents of the Community by cultivating an appreciation of the art, music, museums, libraries, and other cultural resources.
Select the grant application below that best suits your organization’s needs. Review the Grant-Making Criteria and Funding Guidelines before submitting an application. Be sure to check on the eligibility of your funding need and make note of the additional required documentation. Programs funded must take place in a community served by United Bank. Priority is given to:
  • Organizations and programs whose mission benefits disadvantaged and/or low to moderate income individuals and families
  • Organizations and programs that have United Bank employee or customer involvement
Grant Application for Grants of $5,000 or more

Short-form Application for Grants under $5,000
Not looking to apply for a grant? Click here for information on the United Bank Community Sponsorships program.
Grants under $5,000:
Grant requests under $5,000 will be reviewed monthly. If your request is time sensitive please submit 60 days prior to the date funds are needed to ensure we have adequate time to review and respond to your request.
Online submission is required for Short-form Grant Applications. Short-form Grant Applications and required documentation should be emailed to We will not respond to written inquires for funding support under $5,000.
Grants of $5,000 or more:
The Foundation boards meet quarterly in February, May, September and December to review grant proposals of $5,000 or more. Applications for grants of $5,000 or more are due on or before the 15th of January, April, August and November. Full proposals should be submitted to the Foundation office at the address below.
Send the completed grant application form, attachments and supporting documentation to:
            Adam J. Jeamel, President
            United Bank Foundation CT
            225 Asylum St
            Hartford, CT 06103
Please contact the Foundation Office at 860-291-3856 with any questions.